When A Hair Transplant Surgery can be Wrong

The detail enclosed in the context of plastic & cosmetic surgery clearly explains this fact that it requires an extreme aesthetic sense as well as surgical precision. The procedure itself a clear discussion of the artistic concern and on the other hand, it says about the surgical limitations and practical possibility of receiving the treatment. However, it is needed to discuss that, what a hair transplant surgery is and what condition it is required to opt for in the view of meeting the goal of the hair transplant procedure. Many people still believe that the clinic charges the high-cost, always gives the best results, but it is not true! It is a widely accepted fact that now the surgery is all available at an affordable hair transplant cost in India without compromising with quality and comfort. However, the hair transplant in India is a famous option for the patients and attracts the same number of masses across the globe.

This article will describe the cases when a hair transplant surgery can be wrong and how it should be corrected at the right time.

First of all, the hair transplant procedure is such a plastic & cosmetic surgery that requires an extreme aesthetic sense and the logical understanding in order to opt them to sort out the issue of baldness permanently.

The hair transplant procedure is a two way process of extraction and implantation, in which live follicular units/grafts are extracted from the donor area, i.e., the rear and sides of the scalp followed by the graft dissection process and further transplanted the same into the affected balding part of the scalp. The extraction/harvesting of hair roots is either done by the FUT technique or through FUE that facilitates the option of getting the required number of grafts to fulfil the implantation goal of the surgery. However, the hair transplant procedure is a combined effect of both the surgical and artistic skill and proficiency and the performing surgeon must these required set of skills to perform the hair transplant procedure.

When a Hair Transplant Surgery Can be A Wrong:


  • When it is Not Performed at the Right time:


First of all, it must be known that there are some particular cases when a hair transplant procedure is required and also a few conditions that don’t make the possibility of receiving the procedure. However, the performing surgeon must plan a pre-procedure consultation in order to know the exact status of the scalp with respect to the availability of the donor area and the recipient area condition. The hair transplant procedure can only be performed if there is enough donor strength in order to extract a particular number of grafts. The younger patients below the age of 25 usually not considered as the right candidate to receive the hair transplant surgery. If the procedure is performed for a younger patient, the received outcome may go wrong in the context of implanting the less sustainable hair grafts because of the instability of the safe donor area in the younger patient. The safe donor area requires the maturity that achieves after a certain age, i.e., when a patient is above 25 years, the hair transplant is a preferable technique.

  1. When a Patient is affected by Autoimmune Disorder: The hair transplant surgery is prohibited when a patient is affected by the spot baldness or autoimmune disorders. Since the autoimmune disorder causes coin-shaped white tiny patches as a result of hair loss spread all over the scalp areas, including the safe donor areas. Therefore, hair transplant surgery is not possible. But, when the disease is an initial stage and still there is saved safe donor part, the procedure can be performed; which cannot assure that the disease won’t affect the further same area and thus the result of hair transplant surgery may go wrong.
  2. When a Surgeon is not proficient in the Artistic Sense: It is mandatory to receive the procedure that performing surgeon is an expert in doing the same. The surgeon must possess an outstanding sense of artistic skill as well as the logical decision ability to perform the procedure with utmost aesthetic concern. If you only proceed in the name of the clinic or cost concern, you might go wrong and a wrong decision with this perspective never helps in achieving the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery. To achieve the best aesthetic result, it is always important to choose the right hair transplant doctor.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the best results meet the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery and so it is necessary to choose the right surgeon as well as the right clinic to receive the procedure.